SCI Monitor is a communication inspection tool for in-vehicle electronic control units (ECUs).


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Technical inquiries

Handling of the product, built-in function, firmware update, communication mode command, etc ...
We welcomes your questions about the product series.
Please contact us by e-mail regarding the acquisition of user authentication.

  • Nihon System Eight Co.,Ltd.
    3-3, Keyakidai, Mito-shi, Ibaraki 310-0842 Japan
    System Product Development Dept.
    Person in charge: Mr.Kishi, Mr.Yumino
    Tel: +81-29-309-8809(Direct)
    Tel: +81-29-309-8808, Fax: +81-29-309-8810

Inquiries regarding product purchases, etc.

How to buy the product, price, delivery, etc. With regard to, please feel free to contact us to dealing trading company.

The following is a trading company dealing with SCI Monitor.

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